Private Branding Program

Why private label: “Market Control”

  • You control your product marketing
  • You control pricing
  • You control product formulation (strength, color, fragrance,)
  • You maintain product integrity
  • You control appearance (package and design)

There are five great reasons to have a private label chemical program that can help you to become more successful in your marketplace. So you ask yourself, how much does it cost to have my own brand?

Acme Soap Company has been successfully private labeling products for distributors for many years.

Acme Soap Company has over 400 formulations that you can add to your line or modify as needed to fit your market and budget. Our design department can utilize your existing art or can create a new identity utilizing multiple colors and graphics.

Unlike most private label manufacturers, Acme does not expect you to order large volumes to create your own identity. Our order sizes are flexible to help you manage your inventory and budget.

Silk Screened printed round Bottles 1 or 2 Color:

You have the option of paying a 1 time fee of $75 for art and $50 per color for screen building charge and order as small amount as you choose. We can waive that if the initial order is for 2 pallets of that product and package.


You can provide your labels to us and it will be applied as needed. Or you can pay a 1 time fee of $75 for art creation and a 1 time fee of $60 per color for plates. Acme will then stock your labels and reorder as needed at no additional charges to you.

  • You have the option of will call of amount of product that you choose.
  • All products in this brochure are available for private branding with your identity.
  • Initial order will be shipped 2 weeks after art approval. 3-4 days on all re-orders.
  • Pallets consist of: 60 cases 12 Quarts/case: 48 cases 4X1 Gallons: 36 5gallon pails: 4 drums.
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